What to Include on Your Wedding Registry in 2020

These days most engaged couples cohabitate well before they plan to tie the knot. That means requesting fancy dinner plates or a really nice blender on your wedding registry might not be as practical of a decision as it once was. Follow these tips to create a wedding registry that will get you exactly what you need - and want.

Create your registry as soon as you get engaged.

Your wedding will probably score you the most gifts, but there are plenty of other events people might wish to bestow a token of congratulations upon you. Creating your registry as soon as you get engaged not only allows wedding guests plenty of time to pick out what to get you, but also gives people coming to bridal showers or engagement parties to get you something special.

Don’t feel pressured to stick to tradition.

If you’ve already got great linens and crystal, or if you know that you’ll never use them, feel free to ask for something else more directly related to your interests on your wedding registry. But don’t forget that this is the start of a brand new life - and you may end up hosting in-laws and cousins for holidays sooner than you thought!

Know What You Already Have

Before you choose what to put on your registry, go through what you already have with your partner. You might want to upgrade some older things, or even get a more formal set of serving dishes or cookware for events. Make sure you and your partner agree on things like pattern and color scheme before you begin.

Consider Perks and Discounts

Choosing where to register can be a tough decision, but it can be made a little easier by doing research about the kind of perks and discounts you get. Some retailers offer a completion program, which gives you discounts on anything you DON’T receive from your registry.

Make more than one!

When it comes to weddings, giving your guests options is always a good idea. Register between 2-4 places, and make sure to include one larger retailer like Williams-Sonoma or Macy’s. It may benefit you to designate certain stores for certain items so you don’t accidentally sign up for the same items twice.

Think About Your Guests

Provide items in all different price ranges as well as a mix of goods. Older relatives may be dead set on getting you fine china, while your college friends may want to mix things up a bit more and stay in a lower price range. Ultimately, you don’t want guests to stress over what to get you.

Don’t Forget Storage

With fine things come a list of many conditions in which to store them just so. If you’ve added something fine to your list and it has special instructions on where to store it, go ahead and throw storage items on the registry too.

Shipping Included

Before you register, ask if the store will ship gifts to any designated address. That way you can avoid ending up with too many boxes at the wedding.

Take Your Time

The great thing about a wedding registry is that it can always change. Sit down with your partner and really think about what you want and need. Don’t feel pressured to choose everything right away, or from one store. If something comes up between your engagement and your wedding, you can always throw it on the list!

Don’t forget a thank-you.

Always remember to thank your guests with a hand-written thank you note. According to wedding etiquette, if you receive a gift before the wedding you should send a thank-you note within two weeks of arrival. For gifts received on or after the wedding, you have two months after returning from your honeymoon.

Remember that a great wedding registry is one that works for you!

February 2020

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