How to Write An Amazing Wedding Speech

Being asked to give a speech at a wedding is an amazing way to be a part of the special day the newlyweds will remember forever. Actually writing it is much harder. Before you sit down and list out all the embarrassing stories you know, consider these tips to help you write a perfect wedding speech:

Make it Personal

While you can look up a wedding speech template online, you were asked to speak for a reason! As weddings go, the general consensus is the more personal you can get, the better. This is the one time you actually want someone to cry while talking to you! Don’t be afraid to get emotional and corny, either. If there’s one place to do it, it’s at a wedding!

Pepper in some personal memories about the person getting married, and how they changed after they met their spouse. As you send the newlyweds off into their new marriage, reflect on how they improve each other and how happy they are together. Don’t forget to sign off of the speech with a warm and heartfelt well-wishes to the couple.

Write it Out Beforehand

Generally speaking, improvisation is never a good idea at a wedding. There’s a rehearsal dinner for a reason! Especially when giving a wedding speech, you may find yourself getting more choked up than you expect. Writing your speech down will help you remember it, and you can get feedback from others that way.

Aim to get a draft out of your speech at least a month before the wedding. (But if you want to start earlier than that, that’s not a bad idea either.) Remember that you’re going to have to rehearse it, and getting really comfortable with it may take longer than you expect.

Get Feedback

If you want the bride and groom to be surprised by it, ask the maid of honor or best man, or otherwise someone close to them, to look it over and give you their feedback. You don’t want to commit a faux pas! Consider asking the other people who will be presenting speeches at the wedding to take a peek at their own. At the very least, ask them what they’ll be talking about, so you don’t end up repeating the same version of somebody else’s speech.


Public speaking is in a lot of people’s top fears, so don’t worry if making a speech doesn’t come naturally to you. That’s why it’s important to practice, practice, practice! Start small - read your speech to yourself in the mirror. Once you’re comfortable with this, show it to a trusted friend who can give you some tips on how it actually sounds. Then open it up. Invite a group of two or three people who can also offer their opinions. Make sure you trust these people to know not only what you’re like as a public speaker, but what the happy couple will appreciate!

Use the Rehearsal Dinner

When it comes time for the rehearsal dinner, don’t bust out your speech just yet. But take the opportunity to get a feeling for what the wedding itself will be like. Practice standing up in front of people and making a toast. Most likely you’ll be surrounded by the wedding party itself, so get used to speaking in front of the faces you’ll see the next day. Prepare a small paragraph that offers congratulations and well-wishes, but keep the tears for the big day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cry

Weddings are an emotional time for everyone. If the happy couple you’re addressing is bawling their eyes out by the time you’re finished with your speech, you’ve done a good job! And if you shed a few tears yourself, there’s no shame about that either. Let your love fully show as you make your speech. The more emotional, the better.

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