Ultimate checklist for planning a wedding in 4 months

4 months to go

1. Find Your Venues

You can’t get married without an amazing venue. Whether you’re going for a rustic barn or chic city banquet, there are plenty of beautiful venues for you to choose from.

4 months to go

2. Start Planning Your Guest List

This may be the reason for 90% of your wedding-related stress. If you find yourself dreaming of getting married on a remote mountain in Nepal at the thought of seating your future in-laws at the same table as your parents, it’s time to turn to the Guestlist tool.

4 months to go

3. Set A Budget

You can’t buy love, but money does make the world go ‘round. You shouldn’t let money cost you a wedding to remember, but determining what you’re willing to spend right at the beginning can help you decide whether you really need individually monogrammed napkins. Use our Budget tool to plan and track your spending.

4 months to go

4. Make Your Venue Choice

Now that you’ve seen your venues, you know exactly which one (or more!) make your wedding into an unforgettable fantasy. But not all availability schedules are created equal. Now is the time to look at price and availability before choosing your dream venue.

4 months to go

5. Do Right by the Eyes of the Law

A wedding is a giant party, but it’s also a legal commitment. You should definitely focus on the party part, but don’t forget the legal part, either. You will probably have to coordinate with religious and civil officiants who are on their own schedule - so get started on this early!

4 months to go

6. Book Your Venue

This is an amazing moment! You’re about to set your official “Save the Date.” Congratulations!

4 months to go

7. Gather Your Wedding Party

Your wedding is all about you, but it’s not like you’ll be standing at the altar alone! Start thinking about who you want next to you on the biggest day of your life.

4 months to go

8. Send Out Your Invitations

Things are coming together. You’ve got a venue, a guestlist, and an official date. Now there’s just one last step: getting everyone there.

4 months to go

9. Find A Wedding Photographer or Videographer

Instagram photos just aren’t going to cut it here. Your wedding is something you’ll definitely want professional coverage of, so start researching photographers early. No filters in sight.

4 months to go

10. Get All Dressed In White

You’ve fallen in love once. Get ready to fall again. Regardless of budget, your wedding dress should make you feel like a masterpiece.

4 months to go

11. Food, Glorious Food

While the wedding may be all about the dress for you, for guests, it’s all about the food! No matter if you pick elegant seafood, classic steaks, or a lively Indian buffet, a fed guest is a happy one!

3 months to go

12. Find A Florist

Roses are red, violets are blue, but your wedding colors are yellow and pink. Daffodils, carnations, and hibiscus, oh, my! A wedding filled with live blooms is one to remember indeed.

3 months to go

13. Plan Your Hair and Makeup

Don’t get so overwhelmed by the dress you forget about the face! There will be a lot of photos of you smiling, and probably crying, so make sure you book a professional who’s got some serious skills with waterproof mascara.

3 months to go

14. Decide On Entertainment

A wedding is a party, and you can’t have a party without a little music. Whether you want a classy string quartet or a DJ who drops only the sickest of beats, you’re certain to dance the night away.

3 months to go

15. Have a Piece of Cake

This is perhaps the only time in your life you’ll get to say “Let them eat cake” and be serious about it. Lucky you - you get to eat it twice!

3 months to go

16. Sign Up For A Gift Registry

The best part of getting married (besides getting to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate)? Presents. Give your guests an idea of what would give your newlywed bliss just a little extra boost of happiness.

3 months to go

17. Plan Your Honeymoon

After all the stress of a wedding, nothing is better than some good old-fashioned R&R with the love of your life. Plan your honeymoon well in advance.

3 months to go

18. Choose Your Transport

Getting married is all about making an entrance.

3 months to go

19. Pick Out Bridesmaid Dresses & Groomsmen Attire

White is the theme, but what about the accent color?The bride is always beautiful, but there’s no reason the bridesmaids shouldn’t be blushing, too. Or the groomsmen, for that matter.

3 months to go

20. Buy Your Wedding Rings

The symbol of your eternal love and devotion deserves at least one day of love and devotion from you. Make a day of wedding ring shopping with your partner to create memories you’ll hold onto forever.

3 months to go

21. Decide On Your Wedding Favors

Give all the guests who’ve made a point to be there with you today something to say thank you!

3 months to go

22. Talk to Your Friends About Your Bachelor/ette Party

Hopefully you trust your right-hand man or woman to take care of this for you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any say in it. Drop some big hints about what you’d prefer before you wake up in a different country!

2 months to go

23. Send Out Your Official Invitations

Receiving mail is great, but receiving wedding invitations is amazing.

2 months to go

24. Make Your Seating Chart

Remembering who’s feuding with who and deciding which of your friends to play matchmaker with is a bundle of stress - but it doesn’t need to be. Use Wedding Planning Assistant’s Seating Function to avoid any thrown drinks and perfectly plan your day.

2 months to go

25. Collect Your Rings

You can’t get married without a ring! Silver or gold, make some memories with your loved one today.

1 month to go

26. Have Your Final Dress Fitting

The final dress fitting means that the day is almost here! Hooray! Now is your chance to get really comfortable in your dress.

1 month to go

27. Print Stationery For Your Ceremony

Using the features from your Wedding Project, start printing your menus, name cards, and the order of service. Make sure you provide your caterer with your seating plan and name cards.

1 month to go

28. Write Your Vows

Your vows are the promise you make to your partner to love them forever. Public speaking may strike fear in your heart, but the look on your partner’s face will make it all worth it.

1 month to go

29. Set a Rehearsal Time

A Broadway production would never go on without a rehearsal, and neither should your wedding. Plan your day, go through all the logistics, and above all, have a great time ironing out all the kinks.

1 week to go

30. Confirm EVERYTHING

With your wedding so close, the only thing you’re probably thinking about is your one true love. But all the boring stuff is necessary. Double check everything you’ve booked to catch any outstanding balances, delivery times, and anything else to make your day as special as it should be.

1 week to go

31. Treat Yourself to A Pre-Wedding Pamper

Now that all the details are taken care of, it’s time to finally bask in the excitement of getting married! You should look and feel like the most special person in the world. Take a day to be as self-indulgent as you want with your inner circle before you walk down the aisle!

Wedding day

32. Ring Out the Bells. You’re Getting Married Today!

It’s finally here! Today is your wedding day. Whether you’re a bundle of nerves or crying tears of joy, today is a day you’ll never forget. Don’t get caught up in the details today: it’s about one thing only. You and the love of your life.


33. Happily Ever After

CONGRATULATIONS, NEWLYWED! Although your wedding is over, the marriage has only just begun. Take care of any last tasks, then sit back and smile. You promised to spend your life with your favorite person in the world. Go forth and start spending it.

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